Twins! // Anchorage, Alaska Newborn Photography

My adorable friend Sharon, from Elegante Light Photography was chatting with me months ago, at one of our Alaska Portrait Professional meetings about a favorite client of hers that was pregnant with twins! Sharon is an amazing wedding photographer, but asked if I would be willing to help her out with the newborn photography.

I was SO stoked! I don’t get to photograph many multiples, so the opportunity to do so is always exciting!

I hauled a car load of props to Sharon’s studio in downtown Anchorage, Ak – and I may have gone a little overboard – but I had so many ideas!

And she had cranked up the heat to inferno levels (ideal for sleepy babies! Less ideal for those of us used to normal Alaska temperatures) and we setup for the tiny little girls

Baby Charlotte and Baby Josephine were absolutely perfect. At only 4 days old they were so tiny, so sleepy and… well, perfect!

It always warms my heart to see how twins want to be near each other. They have such connection from being together from day one in the womb – it’s a beautiful thing.