Anchorage newborn photographer

  • Baby Amelia // Anchorage Alaska Newborn Studio

    I get some of the most beautiful Alaskan babies in my studio! Baby Amelia is setting the bar pretty high on the cuteness scale. And she was as sweet as she is lovely!

    I was so excited to photograph this little girl on my newest Burgundy flokati – and paired it with the blush and cream tones to perfectly compliment her beautiful complexion.

    I also really wanted to incorporate some of my Alaskan beach driftwood into her session – so we potato sack wrapped her in the Burgundy – popped her in a basket and added the white fur – and viola! Completely Game of Thrones!! Which I’m obsessed with btw – definitely one of my favorite images from the session! She pulls off the regal look effortlessly. ¬†Shooting with driftwood is definitely my new obsession. It has the most amazing texture to photograph!

    Her big sister was also a dream – I mean, you never know how siblings are going to behave. My older daughter was NOT a fan of her new baby sister when she arrived home (‘when is she going back?’ was her first question… um… she’s not… sorry sis – better get used to it!)… so getting to capture a few snuggles and love from big sis is always the icing on the cake! As a mom, the rare snuggle pictures are some of my most cherished memories! It helps to look at them on days when they are fighting like cats and dogs…

    So enjoy a few of her session images. She was all kinds of squishy, perfect baby girl goodness!

    newborn baby in a basket anchorage Alaska photography

    anchorage Alaska baby photographer

    Alaska game of thrones baby in a basket photography

    Newborn alaskan baby girl in Burgundy

    Anchorage Baby Photography newborn girl

    baby and big sister anchorage newborn studio photography

    Newborn baby on beanbag Alaska photographer

  • Hollyn // Driftwood Beach theme // Alaska baby

    Could this setup say Alaska baby any louder?

    We’ve been spending the summer weekends in Whittier, Ak this year – and I am SO obsessed with beach combing! Alaska doesn’t have a lot of sweet sandy beaches – we have more of the rocky beaches, but there are some fantastic places to find driftwood – and really beautiful driftwood at that! So obviously – I thought – I MUST use this for some sessions! I love the texture an the lines – and thought it would compliment a sweet little babe perfectly.

    The shells were collected in Seldovia, off MacDonald Spit, where there is a rare and lovely sand beach (because shells just get ground to dust on rocky beaches) and I went with lovely gray and white neutral nautical colors. I really didn’t want it to look busy – just textured and interesting. And so easy to compliment bean bag shots – with those same neutral colors.

    Also – we’ve had such a rainy/wet summer here in Southcentral Alaska – those neutral, subtle colors just seemed to fit the mood.

    And sweet baby Hollyn was a dream to photograph. She was sleepy and squishy and all things a baby girl should be. And mom looked freaking amazing – no one would know she had a baby a week ago!

    Anchorage baby newborn girl driftwood in a bowl

    alaska baby fingers hand

    Alaska baby newborn girl driftwood in a bowl

    anchorage photographer newborn baby girl on gray beanbag

    anchorage photographer newborn baby toes and fingers

    alaska photographer newborn baby squishy face

    anchorage portrait studio baby with mom newborn

  • Pretty in Plum // Anchorage baby photography // model call

    It is so important as an artist to always be learning, growing and practicing. Baby photography is no different from any other art form – and the more we practice, the better we get! So whenever I have a new technique, pose, wrap or in this case, some new props and colors, I love to put out a model call to get into my groove.

    Sweet baby Sarah came into the studio at 1 week old to let me dust off my holiday vacation rust, and photograph my new plum backdrop.

    I fell in love with this color combo – the deep rich purples and bright spring greens – I’m a little bit obsessed with it.

    Getting settled into the studio, like settling into any new space has its challenges – so having a few babes come in to let me practice the lighting and flow is a dream! But I’m loving having so much more space, and being in downtown Anchorage is so fantastic!

    Now all I need is more storage for my bazillion props and blankets, headbands and hats.

    baby steps…

    (see what I did there…)

    The toes! Oh those baby toes! I don’t know what it is about newborn feet but i always catch the cutest little detail shots of their tiny features.

    And speaking of baby details – those squishy lips and squishy cheeks! Her little face is just so precious!

  • Baby Emmalyn // Anchorage Newborn Photography

    I think I might say this in every post – but one of my favorite things about being a custom photographer is getting to know families and finding out what they are passionate about.

    Being in Alaska, I certainly meet lots of clients who are passionate about hunting and fishing (i mean – it’s our way of life!) – and this adorable family was absolutely Alaskan! Not only is dad a fisherman, he can tie some mean flies! I think he was secretly stoked to be able to tie some really fun and colorful flies JUST for baby Emmalyn’s newborn session. And – I LOVE the images that we created!

    Baby Emmalyn rocked her newborn photos – and I was so excited to share them!

    Side Note: safety is ALWAYS a top priority for me. I’m a mom, and a super careful/cautious/safety police type mom. I live by the ‘better safe than sorry’ motto, especially when photographing little ones! Images where babies heads are straight up are almost always composite images! Dad was a great helper, and you can see on of the “before” images from this session over on my in studio info page. Because no image is worth any kind of injury to a baby.

    I also love all the creams and neutral colors that we used – these newborn images will look beautiful anywhere!








  • Baby Malia // Anchorage Newborn Photographer

    I have been loving doing so much newborn photography lately! I’ve been super fortunate to find some willing mama’s to bring their babes in to let me practice a few new wrap techniques and poses – and also – just find my groove.

    Photographing babies in the studio is definitely a longer session – but it also duals as leg day, because i basically am squatting for 2 hours! So that’s a bonus!

    This little lady was so, so, so adorable! She was also a fantastic model. She was not in love with my posing her – which made it such a great shoot for me to really dial in my inner baby whisperer.

    I photographed baby Malia at The Studio, in downtown Anchorage, Ak – where I do some of my shoots (I also have a home studio in South Anchorage – which is great for all my clients on that side of town) – and mom and dad brought her all the way in from Wasilla! I was so grateful they were willing to drive in with a brand new babe – but I think we got some lovely images that they will cherish for a lifetime!

    I especially love that I caught her sweet little yawn! Those little moment, yawns, smiles, even cries – are always just a cherry on top of a great baby session!