Seattle Family // Lifestyle Portraits at home

First of all – I absolutely love this family. I have been photographing Kip and Taunisha since they first got engaged, like a million years ago. And I adore Avery – she is the most spunky, outgoing and joyful little girl around. My kids are totally in love with her.

Side note – when visiting Avery you had better request her Sugar Plum Fairy dance, because she nails it.

Taunisha really wanted to shoot at this incredible building near their home south of Seattle and the weather and golden light were to die for – we dream of such days in Ak…


And it was amazing and beautiful and we created stunning and gorgeous images!

Then we went back to the house, and in 10 minutes we created absolute perfection. As a mom, these images speak to my heart. There is so much beauty in these moments between – winding down from the grand photo-shoot adventure, everyone can just relax and be themselves – at ease.

These are the images that we will look back at (as parents) in 10 years that will bring tears to our eyes. They will spark a memory of the sound of a 3 year old’s laughter long forgotten.  The way she loved to bounce on the bed and ham it up for the camera. The way she loved with abandon.

This is life. Real life. Beautiful, messy, perfect.