Safety First!

Newborns in Studio

Newborn safety is a topic not covered nearly enough by photographers. I have seen some terrifying things done with little ones to “get the shot”.

Putting babies in danger for a photograph is, sadly, done every day by well-meaning, but inexperienced photographers.

So many new photographers and most parents don’t realize that some of those perfect images they see online are manipulated with tools like photoshop. They are often created from multiple shots combined together. So what you don’t see in that final images is the safety precautions that should be taken (because, photoshop!)

Regardless of who you choose to create images of your baby, please do your research! Make sure that the person you hire is experienced and knows how to safely pose babies.

Even sleeping babies can move and shift unpredictably – so it’s super important that you have a safe setup and always have hands ready to hold and catch them if they move.

At our studio, safety is always the number one priority.

Keep the babies safe friends!

newborn composite image in studio

Behind the Scenes

Check out our newborn sessions in action!

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