• Summer Peonies // Anchorage Newborn Photos

    I love what a small town Anchorage is. I met Lindsay a few years ago with friends at a yoga retreat in Seldovia – and we invited her to stay in our “cabin” instead of alone in her designated tent. She is super sweet and funny and we all bonded over how terrible the flies were!

    Fast forward to this past year – she announced she was expecting her first baby!! When she called me about doing newborn photos I was so stoked – obviously! BUT – it turns out – it was her mom who actually found my work and wanted to book me first! I photographed another darling girl earlier in the year, and the grandma’s were friends (love it!) – And of course Lindsay was A-ok with that. Seriously you guys – word of mouth is my best referral! I 100% gift referral credits to you too!

    As we chatted about what might make Lindsay’s images extra special she talked about how her wedding flowers were Peonies and her due date was in the right season for them.

    Side Note: Peonies are big here in Alaska. They grow really well in south central Alaska and there are actually several local Peony farms in the area! They are beyond beautiful and such a delicate iconic flower.

    I was so inspired by the deep raspberry color – and incorporated it into her entire session. I have never been a “pink” type of gal personally – but these colors were calling to me and I loved the richness and depth.

    Also – are they not just the most adorable family you’ve ever seen??

    On one other note – I try to keep my newborn bookings to a reasonable number – as babies arrivals are unpredictable! Even though I had my July babies nice spaced on paper, this little lady came early, and my other July babes came late – and essentially – they were all born within 24 hours of each other! I truly think there is something in the tides/water/moon cycles that influences birth… I’m sure the hospitals would agree!

  • Baby Benjamin // mischief managed

    Let’s talk about baby photography!
    Listen you guys – when clients have Pinterest boards it can be intimidating for a photographer. We know that all the images you pin are amazing. A lot of times though, we honestly aren’t sure we can recreate those things for you! People forget that Pinterest is someone’s highlight reel. The best of the best, even for those photographers! They are inspiring and beautiful – for sure! And I love me some Pinterest boards! But it adds a whole level of pressure and stress when we have to live up to someone else’s work.

    When Benjamin’s amazing parents came in for their consultation mom’s cell phone rang with, no joke, the Harry Potter theme song. I immediately knew we needed to incorporate some magic. They also talked about their Viking and Nordic background – and the color green. Absolutely no blue for their boy!

    Side Note: Do you know it’s super hard to find newborn props in green?! I finally found this precious green sleeper from one of my favorite vendors – Photo Muffins after searching for ages!

    What I loved about this family is that while they stressed the importance of elements in their photos – they were totally open to my interpretation and vision. They kindly brought in their Harry Potter collection (including the amazing box!) and then gave me that artistic license to create images that I was confident and comfortable with.

    I love being able to capture images that are meaningful as well as beautiful. All great newborn photographers can pose and wrap babies – and create gorgeous pictures. This session is extra special because in addition to creating pretty pictures – we added meaning and history to them.

    I’m already planning a Harry Potter themed cake smash in a year…

  • Celebrating Rory // Anchorage Family Photography

    Family photography doesn’t have to be painful you guys. Sometimes it’s really just an hour of your day – popped into a celebration! Raising a little one to that one year mark is a massive accomplishment – for the whole family! You have sacrificed sleep, attention, and for siblings, probably a lot of your toys to the new baby. And now that new baby is… well… not really a baby anymore! But they are fantastic and fun and we know you’re all looking forward to the next phase of development which usually includes more sleeping through the night!! Hopefully…

    Babies are beginning to stand, some are walking, some are just really good at crawling – but either way – they are mobile and gaining independence!!

    So when the whole family can participate in the party we can make it not only about the littlest one, but also about celebrating siblings and parents and all the work that you have accomplished together surviving the first year.  It’s a big deal!

    anchorage Alaska studio family photography

    anchorage Alaska studio family portrait

    one year old portrait anchorage Alaska studio

    one year old girl portrait anchorage Alaska photography

    I love to capture an individual portrait of each child at every family session. Did you have these on your walls as a kid? I mean, my parents just had our school portraits on the walls – but I always remember feeling so proud of MY solo picture. When you grow up with 5 siblings though – anything you get on your own is pretty special!

    little girl on hedge wall portrait Alaska

    baby girl portrait hedge wall anchorage Alaska

    studio family portrait mom and daughters

    outtake mom and girls real life studio photography

    Guys – you all know I love a good cake smash session but I always warn parents – 50% of kids actually hate cake at their 1 year and won’t eat it.

    I mean – think about it – have your kids ever eaten frosting before they’re 1? Probably not! We are always trying to hard to give them healthy foods, not processed, etc – and then we shove this sugar filled thing in front of them, and no kidding, half of them taste it and are like ‘Nope!!’

    Sweet little Rory was definitely in that camp. She is a little spit fire – and I adore her – and she was DEFINITELY not having that cake!  But we did convince little miss Rory to take a few pieces of smoked salmon that we stuck in the frosting to at least get her to sit next to her cake! It’s all about tricks friends. I’ve got a few up my sleeve… Also – ninja mom skills. I’ve got those too.

    anchorage Alaska studio photography cake smash little girl pink

    anchorage Alaska love crush crown cake smash little girl princess pink

    anchorage Alaska studio photography cake smash little girl pink

    anchorage Alaska studio photography milk bath little girl pink

    Ok – she was NOT happy with us for trying to feed her cake. And she was even more mad about having to be cleaned up! But girl – I can’t send you home covered in frosting!! And honestly – this mad face is my favorite! I think because it captures her personality so well. Did I mention she’s a spit fire? So independent! She reminds me so much of my youngest – everything has to be her way!

    one year old anchorage Alaska studio photography milk bath real life

    anchorage Alaska studio photography milk bath baby milestone

    Meanwhile – big sister was happy to polish off that cake for her. She was oh-so dainty using a spoon rather than her hands! She even shared with dad – which was the most adorable thing ever.

    anchorage Alaska 3 year old with cake

    anchorage Alaska big kid cake smash

    little girl with long lashes

    little girl sharing cake with dad

    daddy daughter sharing cake

    Hugs for mom – always the best way to end a session!

    anchorage Alaska mom daughter hug

  • Baby Sofia // St Patrick’s Day surprise

    I met Sophia’s mom earlier this winter. I fell in love with their family right away. Dad was deployed at the time, and Christina was desperately looking for a birth photographer to help capture the moments of Sophia’s birth that he was going to miss.

    I mean – you can’t say no to that! My lovely photographer friend Sarah Beth, Christina’s neighbor, was hoping to capture it for her, but already had her own move date and new orders for Vegas. Obviously babies have their own schedules – and with her due date after the Sarah Beth’s move date, I agreed to be her back up! I got all my paperwork in order to get base access and I was ready!

    The morning of St. Patricks day I woke up to a text from Christina. She was ready to head to the hospital! And Sarah Beth was still in town – for I kid you not – one more day!!

    I definitely missed out on what sounded like an amazing birth experience – lots of Irish luck!  But I know it was a beautiful note for Sarah Beth to leave Alaska on, and obviously I wanted to photograph this little girl – so we got them into the studio for a quick little newborn session.

    As a St Patricks day baby I had to showcase some green for her! She is a gorgeous baby girl, with a gorgeous mom and an equally adorable big brother, who I know is completely in love with her!

    It’s always such a fantastic feeling to know you’re capturing memories for a family who has sacrificed so much. I know dad is heartbroken to miss these first moments with his daughter – but he will have the images to always see how tiny she was, and how much she was loved from here first moment of life.

  • Baby Amelia // Anchorage Alaska Newborn Studio

    I get some of the most beautiful Alaskan babies in my studio! Baby Amelia is setting the bar pretty high on the cuteness scale. And she was as sweet as she is lovely!

    I was so excited to photograph this little girl on my newest Burgundy flokati – and paired it with the blush and cream tones to perfectly compliment her beautiful complexion.

    I also really wanted to incorporate some of my Alaskan beach driftwood into her session – so we potato sack wrapped her in the Burgundy – popped her in a basket and added the white fur – and viola! Completely Game of Thrones!! Which I’m obsessed with btw – definitely one of my favorite images from the session! She pulls off the regal look effortlessly.  Shooting with driftwood is definitely my new obsession. It has the most amazing texture to photograph!

    Her big sister was also a dream – I mean, you never know how siblings are going to behave. My older daughter was NOT a fan of her new baby sister when she arrived home (‘when is she going back?’ was her first question… um… she’s not… sorry sis – better get used to it!)… so getting to capture a few snuggles and love from big sis is always the icing on the cake! As a mom, the rare snuggle pictures are some of my most cherished memories! It helps to look at them on days when they are fighting like cats and dogs…

    So enjoy a few of her session images. She was all kinds of squishy, perfect baby girl goodness!

    newborn baby in a basket anchorage Alaska photography

    anchorage Alaska baby photographer

    Alaska game of thrones baby in a basket photography

    Newborn alaskan baby girl in Burgundy

    Anchorage Baby Photography newborn girl

    baby and big sister anchorage newborn studio photography

    Newborn baby on beanbag Alaska photographer

  • Fall Family Photos // Anchorage Lifestyle Photography

    With the busy season finally behind us, I am catching up on some blog posts that are LONG overdue! Kicking off with one of my favorite fall family photos from this season! This adorable family has been coming to me for family and baby photos since their twins were only 4 months old – and I LOVE watching them grow! The boys are such sweethearts – and complete gentlemen! For me at least. Mom might say differently…

    And their gorgeous little girl – well – those baby blues pierce right into your soul! Good thing she has 2 big brothers to keep her in check!

    We had the most lovely evening for our shoot – which really was amazing given the summer of rain that we had in Anchorage.

    We photographed at Kincaid Park – which is a fantastic spot. While it does get photographed quite a bit – there is such a great variety in the space, and kids LOVE the bridge! I mean, who doesn’t love a beautiful wooden bridge? And since I had not had an opportunity to shoot there all summer, I was still very much in love with it!

    So many hugs and cuddles in these images – I am so glad they come back to capture their little ones growth each year! These years fly by, and there is nothing quite as sweet as the love tiny humans have for their families!

    I hope you smile as much as I do when you look at these.

    Cheers Friends!


    Boys Portrait Alaska

    Little boys portrait Alaska

    Twin brothers portrait Alaska

    Brothers Portrait Alaska

    Daughter and Dad Photo

    Dad and kids photo

    Fall Family Photo Anchorage

    Mom and Daughter portrait


    Fall Family Photo

    Fall family photos

    Mom and kids photo

  • In Between Moments // A Fine Art Exhibition // Anchorage First Friday

    So back in February, I had this idea for a series I wanted to create. In a nutshell, images of children who weren’t cheesing it up for the camera. I photograph children every day, and 99% of the time, moms wants them smiling. And they want genuine laughter, happiness – goofiness – to celebrate how happy their child is! But it’s getting more and more difficult to get honest and authentic smiles these days. Even my own kids are guilty. They see the camera and their pictures faces come on. You know what I mean – you’ve all seen it, and probably done it! The fake smile.

    And I just wanted to take a break from that. I wanted to create images of kids provide a glimpse of who they are without that “smile for the camera” mask.

    And let me tell you – it was NOT easy! Kids are conditioned to smile. They do it almost reflexively when a camera pops in front of them. So it was a labor of love, for sure! I photographed 15 kids over the course of a couple of months. I’ve never been a quick project person – especially when I’m doing it on my own, and with a self-imposed deadline…

    But I finally got my act together, and the opening was amazing! I’m afraid that if you didn’t see them in person, printed on hahnemuhle rag paper, you are definitely missing some of the beauty. A HUGE shout out to my amazing lab, Pixel 2 Canvas who worked with me to make sure they printed perfectly. No easy task I might add…  If you’re into tech stuff, as me about banding, 16 bit color mode and tif files sometime and I’ll tell the story…

    So – just a few pics of the opening, I was so busy chatting with everyone that I definitely slacked on snapping pics… But I loved all the Instagram shout outs – thanks for all the love friends!


    As you can see – it was a great turn out – huge thanks to my amazing colleagues at the studio, Shalem & Kylie – and obviously my husband for all his assistance! And thank you to all the lovely friends that took time out of their evening to stop by and support my project. It was absolutely wonderful seeing it all come together.


    In 2017, it’s predicted that mobile phones alone will create over 1 trillion images.

    Today, children in America don’t know a world where their picture isn’t taken almost daily.

    We have conditioned them to smile, pose and look a certain way in order to “get the shot”, often simply for social media.

    This series explores the opposite – the in between moments. A glimpse of children not posing or smiling for the camera.

    This perspective of childhood is authentic, honest, and in our world today, frequently undocumented.


  • Anchorage First Friday // October 6th

    In Between Moments

    Friday October 6th, 5:30-7:30pm

    The Studio
    245 W 5th Ave, Ste 108, Anchorage, Ak

    In 2017, it’s predicted that mobile phones alone will create over 1 trillion images. Our children have never lived in a world where their picture wasn’t taken almost daily.

    We have conditioned them to smile, pose and look a certain way in order to “get the shot”.

    This series explores the opposite – the in between moments. A glimpse of children not posing or smiling for the camera. An attempt at a different perspective of childhood.  Something authentic, honest and often, undocumented.

    Come and join us at The Studio for this First Friday art walk pop-up portrait photography show Friday October 6th. The show will only be on display during this event – so don’t miss it!

    Obviously – kids are welcome – and snacks will be provided!


  • Whittier Kingfisher Regatta // Alaska boat life // Lifestyle Photography

    My friends over at Alaska Mining and Diving supply sell some pretty amazing boats. Top of their list are the Kingfishers. Every Summer, AMDS and Kingfisher sponsor a fishing tournament in Whittier, Alaska – for all the kingfisher owners. The tournament lets the fishermen compete in several categories – largest fish, largest shrimp, etc. It’s a great excuse to just get your family out and not only catch some fish – but add a little extra incentive to the competition with prizes. Who doesn’t love swag?

    This year, I was invited to come and photograph the event! I came to capture some shots of what the Alaska boating life is all about. We could not have asked for a more amazing day. The morning started early (you gotta get up to catch those fish!!) with some boats pulling out of the harbor as early as 5 am. At a more reasonable hour (7 am) I met up with the AMDS crews to capture the rest of the boats leaving the dock, heading out in the morning fog.

    It was magical.

    The sun came out shortly after 8 am and it was a beautiful day to be in Prince William Sound. As the boats began to return, there were smiles everywhere. Families took their kids, their friends, their dogs – and you can see that there is this fantastic community and camaraderie with the captains.

    This is the Alaska life – with boats. Seriously – do you have a boat yet? Maybe think about it 🙂

    prince William sound kingfisher boat

    kingfisher in the fog Whittier alaska

    salmon carcass fishing life alaska

    Whittier dock fishing life

    sockeye red salmon cleaning fish at the dock alaska

    Whittier alaska fishing rockfish

    Kingfisher boats Whittier dock alaska

    fish cleaning docks ling cod rockfish alaska

    little girl catching salmon alaska kingfisher

    Alaska shrimp prince William sound fishing

    kingfisher Whittier alaska fishing regatta

    fishing community alaska Whittier

    Whittier alaska dock cleaning fish

  • Hollyn // Driftwood Beach theme // Alaska baby

    Could this setup say Alaska baby any louder?

    We’ve been spending the summer weekends in Whittier, Ak this year – and I am SO obsessed with beach combing! Alaska doesn’t have a lot of sweet sandy beaches – we have more of the rocky beaches, but there are some fantastic places to find driftwood – and really beautiful driftwood at that! So obviously – I thought – I MUST use this for some sessions! I love the texture an the lines – and thought it would compliment a sweet little babe perfectly.

    The shells were collected in Seldovia, off MacDonald Spit, where there is a rare and lovely sand beach (because shells just get ground to dust on rocky beaches) and I went with lovely gray and white neutral nautical colors. I really didn’t want it to look busy – just textured and interesting. And so easy to compliment bean bag shots – with those same neutral colors.

    Also – we’ve had such a rainy/wet summer here in Southcentral Alaska – those neutral, subtle colors just seemed to fit the mood.

    And sweet baby Hollyn was a dream to photograph. She was sleepy and squishy and all things a baby girl should be. And mom looked freaking amazing – no one would know she had a baby a week ago!

    Anchorage baby newborn girl driftwood in a bowl

    alaska baby fingers hand

    Alaska baby newborn girl driftwood in a bowl

    anchorage photographer newborn baby girl on gray beanbag

    anchorage photographer newborn baby toes and fingers

    alaska photographer newborn baby squishy face

    anchorage portrait studio baby with mom newborn