meet the photographer

Dori Yelverton

Hi! I’m Dori – photographer, mother, wife, salt maker, cocktail afficiando and daily coffee drinker. (Could I be any more all over the place?!) But let’s focus on why YOU are here.

I’m also a story teller, based in Anchorage, Alaska – with love for family photography and newborn photography.

When I became a mother I developed an almost compulsive need to document our lives with my camera. I began to see the beauty in the mess of playtime and the amazing entertainment found in simple tasks like brushing teeth and taking bubble baths.

Children find magic in the ordinary and every-day and I relate to that on so many levels. Our lives move so fast – sometimes we need to stop – breathe and look back at the journey that we’ve taken.

This is the power of story telling photography. Together we create images that let you see your story at a moment in time and relive those moments over and over again. Images that evoke the memory of our perfect, messy, beautiful lives.

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