Telling a story // Alaska family photography

I was hanging out with my kids this weekend while my husband was out of town. A pretty chill Saturday – we had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon, so the kids had picked out their ‘birthday’ outfits and were looking pretty cute – and while we were playing I pulled out my camera and just had fun capturing a few details.

But here is the main thought that was going through my head while I was shooting: I wish I had someone here to photograph ME interacting with them! Because they wanted me to play and interact with them – and we were having a ton of fun, playing doctor, reading stories and just being.

So I’m telling their story here – rather than our story – and that’s ok, for a quick Saturday, but how much more impactful and precious would these images be with mom (or dad!) included?!


DSYPhotography-5047 DSYPhotography-5050

My oldest is obsessed with lining things up perfectly like this… Please tell me all kids do this…!!

DSYPhotography-5057 DSYPhotography-5065

And 5 minutes later – done – and moved on to the next mess…

DSYPhotography-5071 DSYPhotography-5106 DSYPhotography-5109 DSYPhotography-5113 DSYPhotography-5116

Quick yoga break… Her forward fold is pretty impressive. Kids are so flexible!

DSYPhotography-5137 DSYPhotography-5149 DSYPhotography-5170 DSYPhotography-5182 DSYPhotography-5187 DSYPhotography-5193 DSYPhotography-5196


While I had fun clicking away here and there, and I love some of the moments I captured – there is definitely the piece of Saturday at home with mom that is missing.

This is the story telling experience and imagery that speaks to my heart. These moments where life happens between the lines. Where we grow and play and just love each other with no agenda. Where it’s ok that the house is a disaster, because this is real. We are messy – we play and we don’t clean up after ourselves right away (because really, what’s the point with little ones?!). We probably have some fights, some tears and some pouting, and then some hugs and snuggles and love. It’s not always about every image being beautiful. It’s about every image telling a story. The story of our life.