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  • Happy birthday Gabe // Cake Smash // Anchorage studio photography

    Having your birthday during the winter months in Alaska is tough. It’s dark, it’s cold – the weather is unpredictable… Good thing we’ve got a warm and cheerful studio – amiright?!

    One of the things I love about doing a grow up plan with babies is to incorporate things from the newborn session into the milestone and 1 year sessions. In this case, dad had some beautiful furs that I asked them to bring back. You can check out the deliciousness from Gabe’s newborn session here

    1 Year sessions also capture so much personality in kids. Gabe is already walking with assistance, so he was checking out everything in our studio – and this was by far his favorite thing – just a yellow chair! Kids are easy to please… He found this rolling chair and pushed it right over to where we were shooting – basically, giving us this look – ‘hey guys – I’m ready for my close up!’ – and it matched his plaid shirt perfectly!

    For those who don’t follow me on FB, a close second to my obsession with baby toes is my love of cake. I mean – who DOESN’T love cake?

    Even though I don’t usually get to EAT any of the cake in a cake smash, I thoroughly enjoy watching babes get their mess on with some frosting. I guess I could snatch a bite off the floor after the babes are done, but thus far I haven’t been QUITE that desperate for a bit. I wouldn’t put it past me to do at some point in the future though.
    Don’t judge me.

    Also – little known fact – most kids actually don’t like cake. Or at least – they don’t like eating it. 4 out of 5 – 1 year olds really just want to play with it. Which is cool – they make a fabulous and fun mess and in general, have a fab time. But really – not much cake gets consumed.

    And Gabe was no exception. I think he took one taste of his frosting – and that was about it. But boy did he LOVE making a mess! Like, LOVED it.


  • Cake Smash for Grown Ups // Anchorage Portrait Photographer

    When this fabulous lady contacted me about celebrating her 35th birthday with a good old fashioned grownup cake smash I was SUPER excited! I have known Ashley for several years, and even had the pleasure of photographing her wedding many years ago (back when I used to photograph weddings…) Also – I love this recent trend of adult cake smash sessions. I know it’s cute to see a little one having their first taste of cake and making a giant mess. But I think we often forget to continue to celebrate ourselves over the years.

    Birthdays are a great opportunity to take stock of our lives – and remember to celebrate all of our accomplishments! Even if we aren’t doing exactly what we thought we would be doing at a certain point in our lives (life can definitely be a roller coaster!) Taking a peek back to see how far we really have come is so good for us.

    Ashley and I popped into a local Anchorage park and definitely got a few strange looks from people walking their dogs. One poor fellow actually tripped and fell – he was so busy staring at us he forgot to watch where he was going! Which, to be honest, made us laugh even harder.

    You add a little champagne and it’s a party! My little tip to you though – champagne through a straw – not so easy…

    But happy birthday and cheers to 35 miss Ashley – you make it look good, that’s for sure!


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