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  • Baby Amelia // Anchorage Alaska Newborn Studio

    I get some of the most beautiful Alaskan babies in my studio! Baby Amelia is setting the bar pretty high on the cuteness scale. And she was as sweet as she is lovely!

    I was so excited to photograph this little girl on my newest Burgundy flokati – and paired it with the blush and cream tones to perfectly compliment her beautiful complexion.

    I also really wanted to incorporate some of my Alaskan beach driftwood into her session – so we potato sack wrapped her in the Burgundy – popped her in a basket and added the white fur – and viola! Completely Game of Thrones!! Which I’m obsessed with btw – definitely one of my favorite images from the session! She pulls off the regal look effortlessly. ¬†Shooting with driftwood is definitely my new obsession. It has the most amazing texture to photograph!

    Her big sister was also a dream – I mean, you never know how siblings are going to behave. My older daughter was NOT a fan of her new baby sister when she arrived home (‘when is she going back?’ was her first question… um… she’s not… sorry sis – better get used to it!)… so getting to capture a few snuggles and love from big sis is always the icing on the cake! As a mom, the rare snuggle pictures are some of my most cherished memories! It helps to look at them on days when they are fighting like cats and dogs…

    So enjoy a few of her session images. She was all kinds of squishy, perfect baby girl goodness!

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    anchorage Alaska baby photographer

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    Newborn baby on beanbag Alaska photographer

  • Cake Smash for Grown Ups // Anchorage Portrait Photographer

    When this fabulous lady contacted me about celebrating her 35th birthday with a good old fashioned grownup cake smash I was SUPER excited! I have known Ashley for several years, and even had the pleasure of photographing her wedding many years ago (back when I used to photograph weddings…) Also – I love this recent trend of adult cake smash sessions. I know it’s cute to see a little one having their first taste of cake and making a giant mess. But I think we often forget to continue to celebrate ourselves over the years.

    Birthdays are a great opportunity to take stock of our lives – and remember to celebrate all of our accomplishments! Even if we aren’t doing exactly what we thought we would be doing at a certain point in our lives (life can definitely be a roller coaster!) Taking a peek back to see how far we really have come is so good for us.

    Ashley and I popped into a local Anchorage park and definitely got a few strange looks from people walking their dogs. One poor fellow actually tripped and fell – he was so busy staring at us he forgot to watch where he was going! Which, to be honest, made us laugh even harder.

    You add a little champagne and it’s a party! My little tip to you though – champagne through a straw – not so easy…

    But happy birthday and cheers to 35 miss Ashley – you make it look good, that’s for sure!


    anchorage alaska cake smash photography

    cake smash for grownups

    anchorage grownup cake smash photography

    Anchorage Grownup Cake Smash Photography

    Adult birthday portrait photography anchorage alaska

  • Baby Malia // Anchorage Newborn Photographer

    I have been loving doing so much newborn photography lately! I’ve been super fortunate to find some willing mama’s to bring their babes in to let me practice a few new wrap techniques and poses – and also – just find my groove.

    Photographing babies in the studio is definitely a longer session – but it also duals as leg day, because i basically am squatting for 2 hours! So that’s a bonus!

    This little lady was so, so, so adorable! She was also a fantastic model. She was not in love with my posing her – which made it such a great shoot for me to really dial in my inner baby whisperer.

    I photographed baby Malia at The Studio, in downtown Anchorage, Ak – where I do some of my shoots (I also have a home studio in South Anchorage – which is great for all my clients on that side of town) – and mom and dad brought her all the way in from Wasilla! I was so grateful they were willing to drive in with a brand new babe – but I think we got some lovely images that they will cherish for a lifetime!

    I especially love that I caught her sweet little yawn! Those little moment, yawns, smiles, even cries – are always just a cherry on top of a great baby session!





  • Baby Max // Newborn Photography

    Max, my newest nephew, was an April 1st baby. I am curious to see how that plays out in his life. I mean, he’s going to have to have a sense of humor I think.

    He is one of the chillest babies I’ve ever met. I’m not quite sure how my sister got such awesome and easy babes (totally not fair!) I don’t think I heard him cry the entire week that I was visiting them in Seattle. That’s not even an exaggeration. He maybe whimpered or made a few squawks when he was hungry – but that’s it. He’s one of those babies that tricks you into having more babies because you think they are so great and easy! Then you get a “spirited” child, like my youngest and think – oh wow – how are we going to survive the next 18 years?

    But I digress… My fingers are crossed that Max stays this sweet and mellow his whole life!







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  • baby Lucas // Anchorage Newborn Photography

    I always have massive love and respect for mom that have giant babes. Little Lucas was a 10 pounder. Yeah – think about that moms…

    But, big babes are super duper squishy babes, and this little cutie has rolls for days. His big brother was also in the 10 pound range, so you gotta give his mom some major credit! I was so honored to photograph this sweet family again – I always love capturing siblings that I have photographed as babies! It’s so much fun to see them grow!

    Big brother was pretty in love with his (not so little) bro – super sweet and gentle with him – for a 3 year old, I was more than impressed with how great he did.

    And once he got settled in baby Lucas also was amazing! He slept like a chunky happy little babe. Hopefully, for mom and dad’s sake, he sleeps during the night too…








  • A sunny day in Seattle // Family Photographer

    I always love getting the opportunity to catch up with clients that have left Alaska. I am so often in Seattle, I mean, Anchorage is basically a suburb of Seattle… so I love that I can pop down for a quick session to take advantage of the gorgeous spring!

    The weather could not have worked out better for this session. Obviously the Seattle rains can be unpredictable, and a bit of a gamble for an outdoor cake smash – but all worked out perfectly and we had a gorgeous spring day – full of sun!

    I loved how sweet the girls were with the cake – sharing and just happy to be having cake! Who doesn’t love cake?

    It was an absolutely perfect shoot from start to finish! I’m ready to head back!