Summer Cake Smash // Anchorage Kids Photography

Little miss June is 1!! I adore this sweet family – they are absolutely the nicest people ever – but could they be any more gorgeous? I got to photograph baby June when she was just 3 months old, and we did the most beautiful fall outdoor session. So to celebrate her first birthday – we returned to the same park to let her play in the woods, eat some of her favorite snacks (blue berries) and smash a cake!

I would also like to point out that it was almost 80 degrees this particular evening – which is pretty impressive for Anchorage – and I was sweating my bum off – I am not used to shooting in such temperatures!!

On the plus side – mom and June got to wear super cute dresses with no worries about getting cold! Cause really – in Anchorage – that’s normally more of the issue…

But really – I die for these images. I love that we captured June just being herself. Obviously kids don’t normally find a cake sitting in the middle of the woods (and really kids – if you do, I would advise against just digging in… i mean – have you read Hansel and Gretel?!) – but every thing else truly was just June doing what she wanted to do! She is so easy going – happy and up for adventure! And her eyes! Oh my gosh – she has the most incredible eyes…

These are my favorite kinds of sessions. I adore this age – it’s pure magic. You can’t bring your own expectations to a 1 year old. They’re gonna do what they’re gonna do! And we are just along for the ride. But it’s always a beautiful reminder to slow down and see the world through the (adorable) eyes of a little one – to find the beauty and amazement in the smallest of things.