Sarah is new // Alaska lifestyle newborns // baby photography

I adore this family. I know – I say that about all my clients – but it’s true. I met Angie working at BP and we just hit it off immediately. She was my coffee date escape partner when needed to step away from our desks before going postal… We just get each other. Angie knew me through both my pregnancies and when she got pregnant with Sarah I was SOOO excited!

We had an incredible maternity session – she and Michael were just over the moon already for their little girl – and they made my job super easy! Check out those images here!

Angie also has impeccable style. She is about the cutest thing and her home in Wasilla was so beautiful. Sadly, they have since moved out of Alaska (and I miss her like crazy!) but it was so amazing to be able to capture some images of baby Sarah in the very first place she knew as home.

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