Alaska at it’s finest // Anchorage Maternity Photographer

Maternity photography in Alaska is such a beautiful thing. We have the most amazing scenery, and even if you don’t want to compete with a baby bump, you can definitely showcase it with some gorgeous views.

This lovely couple have been friends of ours for quite some time – and they have always been dog people – which I can get behind, because I love dogs! When they called to tell me they were finally expecting a human baby this fall I was over the moon excited for them!

They are avid hikers/campers so obviously we HAD to incorporate that into their maternity photos. And we had a beautiful Anchorage evening to hike up a short ways to grab some gorgeous mountain scenery – with the puppies of course!

Sidenote: Alaskans come prepared – dad definitely had his bear gun loaded and ready, JUST in case! No wildlife risks for this family! Even with the dogs along, we definitely had other hikers warn us of some recent bear sightings.

But this is why we live in Alaska – because this is the view, basically from our back door. Can you beat this? I can’t wait to meet their little lady in October – and I know these images will be a beautiful reminder of their patience in awaiting her arrival!

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