Polaroid Rebooted // Fuji Instax // Family Stories

When I was in the Bahamas this summer (yes – that’s right, more on that here…) one of my traveling companions had this amazing instant camera and it was so much fun! I decided I HAD to get one.

Amazon prime and 3 days later, my Instax was in my hot little hands and I was loading up a pack of film and ready to try it out! And no – I’m not being sponsored by Fuji, so let’s just make that clear. But I would certainly accept any complimentary film that they want to send my way!

The best part is how magical this process was to, my kids a little, but really, to my friends!

We had a little pumpkin carving get together with some fellow parents and everyone was in love with this thing.

I think the kids were less than impressed, but those of us who actually lived in the age of Polaroid were having some awesome moments of nostalgia.

These babies are just like the old ones – the quality is total crap – and they make your skin look amazing – and they are absolutely perfect.
So perfect, I even had to write the month and year on them – cause – that’s how we did it in the 80’s…

I think my favorite part is that in every single one, someone is either not looking, blinking, making a terrible face – whatever – it’s the imperfection that just reminds me exactly of how we used to roll – we didn’t see the image and immediately retake it because someone wasn’t looking. What you got is what you got. These are the real, un-edited and mostly un-coerced moments (I mean, obviously you are yelling at the kids – look at MEEEE!!!!!)

And forgive the light spots – these things are ridiculously shiny and I was just trying to grab iphone pics of them to post here.

Warning: The red eye with the flash on this thing is pretty awful. It’s the real deal baby – no pre-flash red eye reduction here!