Nassau, Bahamas // family stories

My middle sister turned 30 this year (don’t even ask how old that makes me) and that is kind of a big deal – so one of her best friends planned an amazing surprise trip to celebrate. I was so excited to be able to go, and it was a kid-free trip, which is the first one of those I’ve been on in… 4.5 years… but who’s counting?!

I adore traveling, especially to foreign countries, and the ocean is my ‘place’ – so anywhere i can just sit on the beach and drink rum punch with the occasional excursion is fine by me!

We decided on Nassau, which was a fairly quick flight from Houston and I cannot rave about this place enough.

Side Note: We did not tell my sister where we were going. At all. Literally, we were in the Houston airport and she looks at the sign and says, “Where the F is Nassau?!” It was like 30 minutes into the flight before anyone announced anything about the  Bahamas over the intercom. She then died of excitement.

So back to Nassau – Clearest. Water. Ever. Like crystal. And bathwater warm! Forget the beach – I just floated around in the amazing water for a week. The sunsets were so beautiful, and the one sunrise that I dragged my ass out of bed for was also amazing.


We were staying in a lovely VRBO that was right on the water. Open the front door, confront the massive heat wave that hits you like a ton of bricks, immediately begin to sweat as you walk down a little concrete set of stairs (you know, a little high water barrier to keep the homes safe or whatever) and here you are. DSYPhotography-3523

It was hotter than hades, so really – you did want to be in the water (or the Air Conditioning) during the day – but hey, it was July – what do you expect?


And the people are SO friendly. It’s definitely an island fueled by tourism, and thus, everyone wants to make sure you have an amazing time. And it truly was. I even put my camera on hold for most of the trip and only took a few pics – because really – I was in the water most of the time!



My gorgeous sister, ascending the Queen’s staircase. Check the history out on this place. I had no idea about any of the Bahamian involvement in the wars. Pretty crazy stuff!


Obligatory vacation food post! Obviously they have lots of fish. Red snapper from the local fish market – so delicious! And probably the most affordable meal we made. Groceries are not cheap… You’ve been warned!DSYPhotography-3632

The textures and colors are amazing. So many amazing trees and flowers! DSYPhotography-3641


Update: Yes, we did spend a day at Atlantis. It was super cool, but also soooo crazy/busy! I was really glad we didn’t stay there, but it was a really fun place to spend a day exploring. We did all the water slides, played in the pools and drank delicious frozen cocktails – in the pool – so that was awesome.