LAUNCHING!! // Bye, Bye DSY // Hello Evoke Images

If you’ve been following me on facebook or instagram, you’ve probably seen a few posts in recent weeks with the hash tag #byebyeDSY

The official go-live for Evoke Images is here!

I’m so excited to say good bye to DSY Photography (don’t get me wrong – I still love my initials – just, as my initials!) I have put so much work into this re-brand, and I’m really excited about what Evoke means and what the future holds!

My amazing friend Jess, the founder of Design Scout in Chicago gave me some fantastic pointers to get me going on this project. One of the most helpful things she asked me to do was to describe my favorite day at work. What makes me tick. What gets my creativity going, and what am I truly passionate about?
For me that came down to stories. My favorite sessions are those where we work together to create and capture moments that are real.

I just told a client today – I’m here to create opportunities for you, as a family, to have a fun and natural interaction – to do things that you love – and from there, creating images is actually the easiest part of the equation!

Part of why I am so driven to this work is from watching my littles grow, so quickly. None of us are perfect parents – we all fail, more often than we’d like to admit – but there is more than enough negativity and shaming in the world. Spending time together with NO AGENDA other than having fun together – well, to be honest, that’s kind of a gift all on it’s own.

We put away our phones and distractions and just focus on each other – for an hour or two – we laugh until we cry, there are hugs and kisses, tickles and cuddles, usually there are snacks (because, um food!?)


And at the end of all that, you have beautiful images to treasure for a lifetime. And these images will be a beautiful reminder that in spite of the days where you didn’t have it all together, there’s a lot of days where there are more kisses and laughter than tears.

That’s the best gift we can give to our families

And that is my passion.

So welcome to Evoke Images.

e·voke /əˈvōk/ To bring or recall to the conscious mind.
Evoke Images is about capturing stories. Creating images that transport you back in time. Images that allow you to to relive the moments of family, life, and love that pass so quickly.


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  • Lindsay Hall

    Perfect, Dori! I’m excited for what the future holds for your business!