G Family // Alaska family photography

This adorable family has been in Alaska for several years and is getting ready to be re-located with dad’s military job. They REALLY wanted to capture some Alaskan memories before they leave for their next adventure – and I was SO excited to help them achieve that!

Mom was looking for a mix of urban and scenic – so we split the session with downtown Anchorage and then hopped over to the coast to finish off with a stellar sunset and some Cook Inlet vistas.

I absolutely loved working with this family – the kids were SO sweet – they each had such fun personalities – and were totally willing to do whatever I asked of them. And SO polite!

NOTE: I just appreciate polite children so much – one of our house rules is: always say please and thank you – because really – manners just go such a long way!

More than anything – this family loves to laugh. It was no hard trick to get real smiles from these guys – they are always joking around and having fun. Which really – makes my job easy! We really did have a blast – and when it’s such a gorgeous evening – it’s hard not to leave a session like this and feel on top of the world!

Also – they are a perfect example of the “what should I wear?!” question that EVERY family asks. Myself included when we have family pics! They kept things true to their style – relaxed, stylish, comfortable and simple! And above all – not matchy-matchy! If you can’t see in these smaller web images, the boys really are not both wearing white button downs – one has a nice faded blue stripe to it – so everything looks great together – but everyone gets to be an individual too.
I especially tell moms – feel good in what you’re wearing. If you’re uncomfortable (or your kids are uncomfortable) you are going to spend the whole session thinking about when you can take off your shoes/dress/shirt, etc – and not be enjoying yourself in the moment. And you’ll probably be frowning in 90% of your pictures!

No frowns here – everyone was happy and comfortable in their skin and clothes! And we were able to focus instead on just having a great time!




These boys had me rolling – they were cracking me up with their ‘Blue Steel’ and I am pretty sure we even had some passerby’s comment on their modeling skills. So cute!





I always want to connect with families in a way that is real for them – and so I chat with parents about their children and spouses – and one of the things that really struck me about this family was how laid back everyone is.
They love to do outdoorsy things together and that inspired the shoes – even mom has her chucks and they just hanging out!







Moms and daughters have such a magical bond – especially when they are outnumbered by boys! I adore this image of mom and mia – just so much love!