Fairy Forest Tea Party // Alaska Children’s Photography // Styled Session

My good friend Vanessa has taught me the importance of making sh!tty first drafts. I tend to be an idea girl and not so great at the execution of my personal visions. And her point to me was simply – don’t fret about all those details – just go out and shoot and make something happen!! My forest tea party vision is a work in progress, and this revision is adorable. I first hit on this idea a year ago, when my youngest turned 1 – and really – trying to plan a styled shoot with a 1 year old is… tricky… So this year I employed the help of my fabulous friend Betsy and her daughter Addie, who is the same age as my youngest – not only to force me to make this happen, but also because she has an incredible eye for detail. Plus her daughter is freaking adorable. Trying to plan a styled shoot with 2 – 2 year olds and a 4 year old is equally tricky. But I think we pulled off some beautiful images – and the girls had a lot of fun. mostly. There were some tears, but if a 2 year old goes an hour without some tears they probably with grandparents. Just saying. Is this our final version? Probably not. I’m sure I’ll revive this again in another year – and maybe with 3 and 5 year olds we will create even more magic – but for now – I love this draft.












Kids have the shortest attention spans – I swear. You would think a real tea party in the forest with cupcakes and everything would hold their interest for more than 15 minutes. But it doesn’t. Plan B – tell the kids to look for fairies in the forest. That kept them for about another 5 minutes. Until they didn’t find anything and got bored. Next time, I totally stashing glitter bombs in the forest. Lessons learned…