Da Capo Choir // Community Photography

My wonderful friend and Pastor at Christ Community Church (c3AK), Tracy Simmons hit me up a few months ago about this amazing community choir that his high school aged son is part of. These are some super talented kids – doing their music thing with an amazing dedicated volunteer director, Sam Struempler. Sam teaches at Goldenview Middle School btw.

This group needed some “Alaskan” group images to submit for an invitational competition. In the choral world, that’s a big deal. Being from Alaska is kind of a novelty. It’s very romanticized, in a survivalist kind of way. I’ve gotten ALL the crazy questions – from what living in igloos is like to tonton survival tips – yes, I said tonton. Go watch Empire Strikes Back.

So when someone says they need ‘Alaska’ I get it.

With a group of 20+ teens, in not very warm weather and only about 30 minutes of time – I definitely had a challenge. But we found a convenient mountain vista location and got some lovely group shots of these talented kids! They were so cooperative and kind. Truly, they were a pleasure to hang out with and to photograph!

For the record – I did ask them to serenade me – and I was cracking up over their selection of the Little Einstein theme song. Brilliant!


You can check out more about the Da Capo Choir, including their upcoming events here!

Choral Photography, Anchorage Alaska Choir Photographer

Anchorage Alaska Group Photography

Anchorage Alaska Choir Group Photographer