Classic Children Portraits // Behind the Scenes studio photography

I have been obsessed lately with capturing simple, classic, beautiful images of children. While I love the lifestyle images with all my heart – those images tell a beautiful, and often lengthy story! And really – those images often need to be viewed together – as a story.

But what if you just want a simple milestone portrait? Ie – this is Harper at 2. This is Torah at 4. This is Paxson at 3. And this is so easily repeatable year after year.

Beautiful. Classic. Simple.

So check out my BTS at the end and you can truly see how easy this look is to achieve. All you really need is a window – with indirect sunlight. This is important. Direct sunlight will be way to harsh and create terrible shadows. Of course, if you don’t have a great window that isn’t facing the sun – just wait for a cloudy day. The clouds will diffuse the light enough for you to give the same effect as indirect light. Soft, wrapped shadows.




AND – here’s my behind the scenes pull back! this was one of the easiest things to achieve – some black muslin, a couple dining room chairs and clamps and a window. Done! Of course, having a cooperative model helps. If you find any of those around – let me know!!!

classic children photography portrait