Fun Photos

  • Happy Halloween // Anchorage Kids Portraits

    I adore Halloween. It’s one of my very favorite holidays! Although i totally hate scary movies – so… go figure…

    The costumes, the decorations – the whole deal – it’s just so much fun! And truly – I think that’s what i love about it. It’s just for fun! An opportunity for everyone to dress up as anything they like – and really go all out – and just own it. I think if I had lived in a place where it was going on, I would totally have been into the comic-con thing – but alas, I missed out on all that excitement…

    And even though they seriously change their minds every 5 minutes about what they want to ‘be’ – i love doing Halloween with my kiddos.

    This year Torah decided she wanted to be a pumpkin. I was pretty cool with that, at least she didn’t say she wanted to be Elsa… because for real – the Elsa costumes are like 3 times more than any other princess. Can we say racket?

    Anyway – pumpkin was something i could get behind – and Harper just kept saying she wanted to dress up. Whenever I suggested anything after that phrase (dress up as _____) she would yell “NO! I want to DRESS UP!” so i wasn’t quite sure if she even understood the concept – and i made the executive decision to go with 2 pumpkin costumes, because really – chances were good that when push came to shove Harper was going to want to be whatever Torah was.

    so – a little google search of “easy no sew pumpkin costumes” set me on the path to these super easy creations. They totally refused to wear the hats we made, but we had fun making them anyway. The original design was for plain orange t-shirts and you made the jack-o-lantern faces with black self adhesive foam – but target had the shirts with the glitter faces already on them, so… WIN!! I had already decided I wasn’t going to bother with the elastic on the bottom and stuffing the shirts, cause I know my kids. They would HATE that. Some sparkly tutus and wham. Done.

    Then pictures – oye ve- it was like pulling teeth! I literally had to sit there with Reeses Pieces to get them to cooperate. I was getting a whole lot of this:

    DSYPhotography-9404 DSYPhotography-9383 DSYPhotography-9381

    And then they started to get silly… which is far better than the previous, but still – can you just LOOK at me?!?!DSYPhotography-9375

    And this was the best we did. Good enough – I’ll take it! They made me work for it though…


  • Polaroid Rebooted // Fuji Instax // Family Stories

    When I was in the Bahamas this summer (yes – that’s right, more on that here…) one of my traveling companions had this amazing instant camera and it was so much fun! I decided I HAD to get one.

    Amazon prime and 3 days later, my Instax was in my hot little hands and I was loading up a pack of film and ready to try it out! And no – I’m not being sponsored by Fuji, so let’s just make that clear. But I would certainly accept any complimentary film that they want to send my way!

    The best part is how magical this process was to, my kids a little, but really, to my friends!

    We had a little pumpkin carving get together with some fellow parents and everyone was in love with this thing.

    I think the kids were less than impressed, but those of us who actually lived in the age of Polaroid were having some awesome moments of nostalgia.

    These babies are just like the old ones – the quality is total crap – and they make your skin look amazing – and they are absolutely perfect.
    So perfect, I even had to write the month and year on them – cause – that’s how we did it in the 80’s…

    I think my favorite part is that in every single one, someone is either not looking, blinking, making a terrible face – whatever – it’s the imperfection that just reminds me exactly of how we used to roll – we didn’t see the image and immediately retake it because someone wasn’t looking. What you got is what you got. These are the real, un-edited and mostly un-coerced moments (I mean, obviously you are yelling at the kids – look at MEEEE!!!!!)

    And forgive the light spots – these things are ridiculously shiny and I was just trying to grab iphone pics of them to post here.

    Warning: The red eye with the flash on this thing is pretty awful. It’s the real deal baby – no pre-flash red eye reduction here!






  • Fairy Forest Tea Party // Alaska Children’s Photography // Styled Session

    My good friend Vanessa has taught me the importance of making sh!tty first drafts. I tend to be an idea girl and not so great at the execution of my personal visions. And her point to me was simply – don’t fret about all those details – just go out and shoot and make something happen!! My forest tea party vision is a work in progress, and this revision is adorable. I first hit on this idea a year ago, when my youngest turned 1 – and really – trying to plan a styled shoot with a 1 year old is… tricky… So this year I employed the help of my fabulous friend Betsy and her daughter Addie, who is the same age as my youngest – not only to force me to make this happen, but also because she has an incredible eye for detail. Plus her daughter is freaking adorable. Trying to plan a styled shoot with 2 – 2 year olds and a 4 year old is equally tricky. But I think we pulled off some beautiful images – and the girls had a lot of fun. mostly. There were some tears, but if a 2 year old goes an hour without some tears they probably with grandparents. Just saying. Is this our final version? Probably not. I’m sure I’ll revive this again in another year – and maybe with 3 and 5 year olds we will create even more magic – but for now – I love this draft.












    Kids have the shortest attention spans – I swear. You would think a real tea party in the forest with cupcakes and everything would hold their interest for more than 15 minutes. But it doesn’t. Plan B – tell the kids to look for fairies in the forest. That kept them for about another 5 minutes. Until they didn’t find anything and got bored. Next time, I totally stashing glitter bombs in the forest. Lessons learned…