baby milestones // Anchorage photographer

I try my best to schedule baby milestone first year sessions at the previous shoot. Because we’re busy moms – we forget about this stuff… So when we scheduled Logan’s 6 month shoot, after his newborn session, I had no idea it would end up falling on Iditarod start day.
For those of you familiar with the Alaska Iditarod, it’s a super fun event! We love taking our kids when it’s not super cold – and the race starts just behind the studio. Which is great, if you’re at the studio early, and have your parking situated.

I however, completely forgot that it was Iditarod start day, until I was headed to the studio and the traffic was a nightmare. I realized my mistake when I was informed that the parking garage where our studio is located was completely full. Yikes! So I’m driving around trying to find parking, along with all of Anchorage, for another half an hour. Making me wretchedly late!

So of course, I’m frazzled and flustered and feeling just a little out of my element. And somehow Logan’s family was fully aware that it was the Iditarod start so they were well prepared and on time!

But fear not – this family is the coolest bunch of cucumbers. They are super laid back – chill and go with the flow. I quickly recovered my chill, just by being in the same room with them for 5 minutes – and we had a super fun little session.

Logan was probably the smiliest 6 month old I have ever encountered. So many babes have the stranger danger factor going by 6 months old – and are super interested in the camera, so they want to study it, and not smile. And certainly Logan was curious about the camera, but he was also SUCH a happy guy. I got some adorable grins.

He is also sitting up like a champ! The mid-year milestone shoot is really more about baby’s development – and sitting is definitely what we want to capture.

It’s not always fun and games – but honestly – no one cries cuter than babies!