Baby Emica // Anchorage Newborn Photographer

Newborn photography is a tough gig for shop-a-holics. We need ALL the colors! And all the props…  My current obsession is wool curls. I’m a sucker for textures with babies, and these are so soft and lovely! I love the way the light hits them, and how the dyeing process creates such beautiful variations of color. I’ve been hand dyeing lots of them, but so far the purple is definitely my favorite.

Thankfully I’m not too shabby at fiber art. And I found a super sweet farmer in Lebanon, Oregon that I’ve been loading up on wool from.  LOTS more colors to come!

Side Note: bonus to having the downtown anchorage studio space – LOTS more room for props! Although I think Shalem is going to have a panic attack if I bring in too much more… we are working on building out some storage space, but at the moment it kind of looks like a second hand store in here. Sorry guys!

Baby Emica had the most lovely skin tone – and all that dark hair! Purple was the perfect compliment to her dark features. Baby girl was a big fan of those wool curls and snuggled right in.  I was able to get lovely macro images of all her precious little features – eyelashes, tiny fingers and toes and those sweet little baby lips!

She was a sweet, tiny little thing and she was a dream to photograph! So beautiful!

newborn baby girl in a bowl purple wool curls

macro baby lips newborn photography details black and white

black and white newborn girl details macro baby

newborn baby girl eyelashes macro baby details

baby hands newborn details fingers little girl

newborn baby girl in a bowl neutral color wool curls

newborn baby girl hands and fingers studio alaska


newborn baby toes purple wrap anchorage studio

newborn baby girl studio anchorage alaska

newborn baby girl anchorage studio purple