Baby Darby // Anchorage Alaska Newborn Photography

I was recently able to attend a phenomenal workshop on newborn photography with the lovely Bianca Hubble, from Atlanta, Georgia. She is such a master photographer! I learned some wonderful tips and tricks for polishing up my posing and workflow and was SO excited to practice that I did a little model call for some fresh little babes to practice with!

Little miss Darby Su was such a delight! I got to practice moving through several poses and props, and also, get a squishy baby fix!

Also – she didn’t pee on me. So there is that! I mean, don’t get me wrong – it happens. Almost every time… so honestly, I think I notice it more now when I DON’T get peed on!

My kids think I’m totally crazy – “mom – why would you choose a job where people are actually peeing on you!?” I know – it does seem to defy logic. I mean – when you put it that way – it does sound a little crazy… but then I just remind them that they peed on me too when they were babies, and I still love them – so – it’s ok. For babies. Only for babies. And now I’m off to add a clause to my session contract that includes immediate termination of any sessions where someone who is not a baby pees on me… oye ve… never thought of that one before!


Isn’t her little outfit adorable!? She showed up in that and I couldn’t resist getting a few pictures! SO cute!