Anchorage Maternity Photographer // Beluga Point Alaska

I think maternity photography is my new “thing”.  I’m so accustomed to using jedi mind tricks and bribes to get little ones to cooperate… photographing people who actually WANT their pictures taken is just so… well… easy! I do a few maternity sessions each year, but this one blew my mind. The scenery at Beluga Point (off the Seward Highway on the way to Girdwood), is always beautiful – and was perfect for an evening sunset maternity photo session.

Alaska has some pros and cons for photographers for sure. The light can be a real challenge here. These gorgeous parents to be really wanted a scenic location – but in April (when we shot) its hard to find accessible areas that aren’t muddy because of break up season. So Beluga was the perfect spot! And on the plus side, we have some epic sunsets in April, at a decent hour. It’s definitely a great time to shoot for that reason. So even though it’s still rather frigid in April, we have that golden light hour… As you can see, SOOOO amazing!

It also helps when a couple is totally in love and super excited to meet their little one. I’m so looking forward to meeting their babe this summer. We will be creating some equally epic (although probably less scenic) newborn images!

Check out the last shot – our epic sunset finale image!! And go follow me on Instagram! You can check out a quick video clip of the editing process to get that gorgeous flowing fabric in post. These guys were so trusting – just following my instructions to create the image I had in my head – even though it was hard to describe exactly what I was planning. As soon as they saw the final image it clicked!

Worth freezing for!

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