Dori Yelverton

Hi! I’m Dori – photographer, mother, wife, software developer, yogi, and daily coffee drinker. (Could I be any more all over the place?!) But let’s focus on why you’re here.
I’m also a photographer, based in Anchorage, Alaska – with a focus on family photography and newborn photography.
My love for photography began when I first picked up my father’s camera for a summer art elective class at the University of Alaska, Anchorage. It began as a way to photograph my environment. And get an “A” of course… And as a science/techy person, the dark room was perfect for me! I miss the smell of those chemicals some days… but I quickly realized that images without human connection were not very interesting to me, and I began to navigate toward portraits.
I also found myself more driven to capture details about people – often more than the people themselves. “Smile for the camera!” just never appealed to me.
When I had children I developed an almost compulsive need to photograph our lives (ok, maybe a little more than almost… my husband might call me out on that…)
I began to appreciate the mess of playtime and the amazing entertainment found in simple tasks like brushing teeth and taking bubble baths. Children find magic in the ordinary and every-day and I relate to that on so many levels. And our lives move so fast – sometimes we need to stop – breathe and look back at the journey that we’ve taken. To see our stories and relive those moments over again.
That is the gift I give to my clients. Images that evoke the memory of these messy, beautiful lives.
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Dori Yelverton with Evoke Images photography is an experienced and highly trained portrait photographer
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