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August 20, 2015
  • Chloe // 1 year cake smash // children’s photography

    When Chloe’s mom’s showed me this adorable Beatrix Potter dress I was instantly in love. I adore it! Even if it wasn’t Beatrix themed, it would be an adorably vintage and whimsical dress for a little lady to wear – but I grew up on Miss Potter. And so did Chloe’s mom – so I knew it was a super special find.

    Although the last time I tried to read Peter Rabbit to my 4 year old I was struck by the severity of the story. I mean – they didn’t sugar coat things back then! Old Mr. McGregor was seriously trying to kill that rabbit. No bones about it!

    But I digress…

    I had the opportunity to capture some 1 year images for Chloe while I was in Seattle recently and i just die for the trees there! They are so big! I love the giant maples and their huge leaves – and obviously kids do too! When I saw this little stair step area I knew we had to shoot there. I always love finding little gems like this in a new place! Even if the rest of the world has photographed there – I never have, and it was just so lovely. I was in heaven!

    And to reward Chloe for being such a perfectly behaved little model – we let her have cake of course! Although I’m pretty sure she was much more interested in the strawberries on top… can’t blame her – they were pretty good!

    Happy 1 year you adorable little creature! I can’t believe how quickly you have grown – and I look forward to many more milestone images with you!