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July 15, 2015
  • Featured Product // 1st Year Signature Album

    I so admire the women that can scrapbook and create baby books for their little ones. I am completely inept at it.

    So – I created my 1 year photo book to help moms (like me) who might appreciate the importance of capturing the memories of babies first year – along with the images that we create through the year!

    These albums are perfect with a full year package – we capture your little’s one latest stats and what their milestones are at each session – weight, length, percentile, favorite foods or toys, words and actions (creeping, crawling, sitting, clapping, etc!)

    All the stuff you think is so important and adorable that you will never forget and then… 6 months passes and you realize, you have no idea what your kids first food was! Or maybe you have super mom memory and you do remember – either way – this is a keepsake you can hand down in the tradition of the baby book to let your little one that you were, truly, a stellar mom, even if you didn’t scrapbook about it.




    Gorgeous linen cover options


    and leather cover options –